Merry, Merry Christmas!  I’ve decided to do my own advent calendar this year with something special everyday to celebrate the season.

An advent calendar is a special calendar that countdowns the days from December 1 to December 25.  In the past, and today for that matter, they have been made of paper with little doors that are opened, one every day, to reveal a picture or a Bible verse.  Others are made of wood with little drawers for candies or little gifts.  I have one that is a felt snowman with pockets for candies, and the pockets are stretched out from me putting two pieces of candy in each for two sons.

In recent years I have purchased an interactive calendar from Jacquie Lawson, which this year is set in a Victorian town.  Today was the first day, and it began with a band on the bandstand.  In honor of that I present to you my readers, the Air Force Band flash mob at the Smithsonian.  Brings me to tears every time.  Enjoy!


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